what is Christopher Paul Colfer ?

what is Christopher Paul Colfer ? do you ever know or heard about such a name ? no ? let me explain what is Christopher Paul Colfer. Sit back and relax 🙂

Christopher Paul Colfer is a guy (of course), he was born in May 27, 1990. His nickname is Chris Colfer. He is soooo adorable. He plays Kurt Hummel in TV series “Glee”. I think he is the shortest guy in Glee (season 1) but NOW he is taller than Darren Criss and Kevin McHale (yaaay)

Chris starred as Carson Phillips in “Struck by Lightning”, and also write two novels for a children to young adult age range, and I’m sooooo excited about his two projects, can’t wait to see those.

Chris can play (can I say “play” ? :/) Sai swords, he bought the swords from eBay. And by the way Chris has a sleep-shopping disorder. One night he unknowingly logs into his computer and makes unusual purchases in the middle of the night. He said his strange nocturnal habits began with sleepwalking but have now taken an even crazier twist.

“These really random packages kept showing up on my doorstep. I’d open them up and there’d be sort of random, like the complete series of the Carol Burnett show and this huge life-size poster of Lady Gaga – I don’t know why my subconscious wanted that. But I think the weirdest was when a huge framed portrait of Marie Antoinette showed up.”

I’m Indonesian, and my first mission destination if I’m in the U.S., I will find Chris and hug him until I get bored or tired (FYI : I WON’T get bored or tired if Chris really let me to hug him 😉 )

I don’t care if people think that Glee or Chris is so gay or lame, I just love both of them. We, the gleek girls WISH that we can be Chris’ BEST FRIEND, since he is openly gay, our (gleek girls) heart is broken hahaha but that’s the truth. I’m sure that the gleek girls WISH that Chris is a bisexual so at least we still have a chance to see him (no, not to dating one of us his fans) dating a GIRL.

I love to see his face, especially his eyes and his mouth and….. okay stop !

we, Gleeks Indonesia WISH and HOPE and PRAY that Ryan Murphy or Fox (or whoever who has the responsible to manage the Glee live tour) to bring Glee to Indonesia. We are not as lucky as Gleeks America or gleeks in Western and Europe who can come and watch the concert or visit the location where Glee filmed, we are soooo envy. and sad.

So I hope this post can help you to get to know what is Christopher Paul Colfer. (you can thank me later tho 😉 )


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