knitting using paintbrush

Yesterday I tried to knit, I learn how to knit from youtube. Because I don’t have the needle, so I’m doing it with my pencil and paintbrush (the small one). Took me hours just to finished the first row. When I’m trying to do the second row, I thought we do it with the left hand haha then I look at the video, the video showing that we use our right hand all the time, so we should move the needle (in my case it’s the paintbrush) from the left hand to the right hand, and when I’m trying to do the binding off, gee it’s super sucks, the yarn slides over and over again, and FYI : if you fail with one stitch then you can’t continue it, means your hardwork with the rows that you made were completely screwed, that’s what happened to me, but it’s a fun activity to do, I’ll try it again soon, this time I think I should buy the real needle :/


the first row

the second row


the result that I got because the yarn is sliding over and over


2 thoughts on “knitting using paintbrush

  1. Faizul Islam says:

    Chinese eat with Chop Sticks. Wont Be suprised if You Used a paint brush instead. xD

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