DIY : How to Make an Infinity Scarf From T-Shirt

This morning I tried to make an infinity scarf from unwanted or old T-shirt, I learned it from youtube. I’ll show you how, it’s easy, no sewing required.

(click the photo to see photo larger)
What you’ll need :

Any unwanted T-shirt or old T-shirt and a pair of scissors







What you need to do :

1. Cut the top of the T-shirt like the photo below






2. Cut the T-shirt lengthwise like the photo below






3. Now pull or stretch them all, your T-shirt will looks like the photo below. Be careful ! don’t pull it too tight or too hard






4. Gather the T-shirt piece that were not cut







5. And there it is, your infinity scarf is done. You can cover the piece that were not cut with the leftover t-shirt, or with leftover leather fabric or anything, be creative ! big T-shirt will create long scarf, small T-shirt will create small or short scarf, it’s up to you. Have fun ! 🙂










Idea credit :


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