Life Goes On..

Today my mom told me that my only sister is pregnant. I am soo happy to hear that 🙂 I will be an auntie soon. I feel happy and weird at the same time, not confused, just weird, remembering all things that my sister and I have been through, a lot of tears and laughter, many ups and downs , a lot of joys and fights. Remembering the first time when she bought her first cell phone, remembering when she introduced me to the internet for the first time, remembering when we had a fight in the late night till we made our parents woke up. Then look at now, she’s pregnant, she is transformed from a girl into a woman, transformation that I myself will experience it soon. It just so weird that all children, all kids in this world will transform, will change, from someone who can’t do anything without help and guide into someone who can manage their own lives. It’s a huge transformation, isn’t it ? I know this time will come and happen to my sister and I, I just don’t know it will come so fast. And someday all of my friends and I will grow up, will start our own families, raise our own children, feel how does it feel to raise children like what my parents have done. Imaginations and real life don’t always same, feeling and experiencing a lot of things are harder in real life. So sad to realize that there will be a time for my sister and I busy taking care of our own family, we will not have a lot of time to spend with our family anymore, with my mom, my dad, me and my sister like we used to do, but I’m happy too, it’s just a feeling that can’t be expressed in words. Have you ever watched Toy Story 3 ? Toy Story and I have grown up together, I was super sad when I realized that Toy Story has ended, that feeling kinda the same like what I feel now. Sad but happy. Life goes on, right ? :’)



2 thoughts on “Life Goes On..

  1. hana says:

    Thx for all my luvly sist…I luv u so much…

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