HELP ! Eye Have Swollen I

I’m having swollen eyelid now (I don’t know why, but I think it’s because of germs) so I want to share how to cure (or to reduce) the pain of swollen eyes. I feel my right eye is painful at first (yesterday) and today when I woke up this morning my bottom eyelid is swollen and more painful and my right eye starts to become watery and the bottom eyelid become bigger and reddish, it makes my right eye become smaller than the left eye, gee, but I don’t feel dizzy or fever. Many people underestimate swollen eyes, whereas swollen eyes can be very dangerous for your health if it’s not handled properly. Based on Google, swollen eyes can be an early symptom of dangerous diseases, such as tumor, but thank God mine is NOT tumor pheww. So yesterday I googled how to cure swollen eye, and I found out that cold teabag, cucumber and cold water compress can relieve or reduce the pain, but when I go to the doctor and ask the doctor if the teabag compress can relieve the pain, the doctor shows me a confused facial expressions, so I think it’s a no, and the doctor suggests me to compress my eye with WARM water, and give me some medications (I forgot to ask about the cucumber thing). Then after I take the medications and compress my eye with warm water, it much more better and the pain is reduced. So my suggestion when your eyes are swollen is don’t underestimate it, go see the doctor as soon as possible, if you can’t go to the doctor for some reasons then you can compress your swollen eyes with WARM water NOT cold water (make sure that the water, the bowl and the handkerchief or the tissue paper or the things that you use to compress are clean) it can reduce the pain, and it works ! (at least it works to me) Hope this helps 🙂



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