DIY : Felted Case / Pouch

Actually I’ve been wanting to post this DIY since a long time ago but I’m too lazy to do it hehe now I’m going to tell you how to make a simple pouch, this pouch can be used to keep for almost everything as long as the thing that you put in isn’t too heavy, I’m using my pouch to keep some papers and small journal. You can make it in different size, different colour and you can decorate it as creative as you want. Sorry for the images, it’s just different because of the flashlight from the camera. Let’s get started !


What you’ll need :

1. Felt fabric

2. Scissors

3. Glue / glue gun

4. Ruler

5. Chalk


What you need to do (click the image to see image larger) :

1. Cut the felt into this shape, and then using ruler and chalk make/draw a pattern like this











2. Cut some both sides of the felt (DON’T cut all the way sides to the bottom) like this











3. Fold the remain of the bottom both sides of felt, then put some glue on it just like this











4. Fold the felt like this











5. Fold the upside of the felt like this









6. For finishing, you can decorate the pouch as creative as you want, for my pouch, I just put some colourful buttons and a ribbon on it, have fun !









*note : the pouch maybe doesn’t looks neat if the pouch is empty, but after you put some light things in it, the pouch will looks awesome 😀









Idea credit goes to :


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