Way Too Overrated !

There are a lot of things that are overrated, those things or people are not that great tho, it’s just the media that make them look great but actually they’re not that great. I’m going to kinda make a list of some things (and or people) that IN MY OPINION are waaaaay too overrated. What are they ? llllet’s get started !


1. Apple products (a lot of people use this just to bragging, remember when there’s a moment (or kinda trend) when Hollywood celebs keep carrying their Apple products anywhere they go without the bag or the case or pouch ? for instance they carry their Macbook WITHOUT its case or bag wherever they go, so that the paparazzi can easily take picture of them carrying the Macbook)

2. Instagram (b*tch please, photo editor or photo sharing application has already exist since my tamagotchi pet was hatch, there are a lot of photo editor applications that are much better than Instagram)

3. SLR/DSLR camera (really ? this camera also has already exist since my tamagotchi pet went to school, but people especially teenagers, swaggers and YOLOists just used it recently, to bragging around not to really taking a good, worthy pictures)

4. Charlie Sheen and Neil Patrick Harris (They are just not that good to be idolized, because IN MY OPINION they don’t set a good example for the fans or other people, but doesn’t mean I hate them, it’s just that they’re too overrated to me)

5. Twilight, The Avengers, Game of Thrones, House, HIMYM, McKayla Maroney, Olympic stuff, 50 Shades of Grey, Korean stuff (Korean girl bands, Korean TV series, etc), some crappy singers and some crappy boy & girl bands also way too overrated.


I think those things are waaay too overrated, but doesn’t mean that all of those things are crap, SOME of those things that I listed are good tho, it’s just IN MY OPINION they’re way too overrated.



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