Things That Only Happen in Fairy Tales. Or Movies

A lot of good things happen in fairy tales, get everything the good people need, the good people always get a happy ending, and so on. But some things do really happen or exist ONLY in fairy tales or TV series or movies, in real life not all things happen as what we wish to be. I’m going to make a list of some things that only happen in fairy tales or movies, here is the list :

1. Good, best or perfect parents – children relationships

This really just happens or exists in TV series or movies, because a lot of people around me don’t have good relationships with their own parents or with their relatives, and I myself don’t have good relationship with my parents, doesn’t mean that my parents and I hate each other, no, we care about each other, it’s just we can’t get along, almost every conversation end up with fight, sometimes if it’s severe, end up with yelling at each other, but we keep our anger for ourselves most of the time, and it causing silence in the house, you know, we don’t talk to each other, trust me it’s a really horrible situation to be into. I really want to have a good relationship with my parents like in the movies 😦 so we can share everything in our life to each other (between parents and children) and we can ask for suggestions or opinions on something WITHOUT end up with a fight.

2. Happily ever after

Almost never happens in real life ! Life itself is a challenge, life is rough and not always happy.

3. The good always win

The fact is the good not always win, it happens a lot (in real life) and it happens to me a lot too, doesn’t mean I always be the good one, but when I’m in the good side, the bad side won, and when I’m in the bad side, the good side won, life sometimes unfair, nah life’s almost always unfair.

4. The good but weak always get help

Almost in every fairy tales or movies, good people but weak get help from others to uphold the goodness, but not all people in real life who are good but weak get help from others, we should struggle, strive and survive by ourselves most of the time.

That’s all what I think of things that only happen in fairy tales or movies 🙂



One thought on “Things That Only Happen in Fairy Tales. Or Movies

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