How to Make Homemade Sweet Popcorn

Have you ever wanted to make sweet popcorn like in the cinema ? Well, I tried to make that sweet popcorn from yesterday till this morning. First, I tried to make caramel popcorn, then toffee popcorn, popcorn with honey, then I invented my own – weird – sweet popcorn recipe, and still, none of those recipes suit the sweet flavor like in the cinema (in my opinion) and desperately finally I put some icing sugar / caster sugar to my popcorn, and stir / shake it a bit and tadaaaa it’s really delicious. This maybe sounds unimportant, that is my first impression too about this recipe, when the first time I found this recipe on the internet, my first thought about this recipe was : “meh, icing sugar won’t make the popcorn sweet” but I was wrong, when I tried it myself and taste it, it’s delicious and really easy. For addition, I’ll tell you the “how-to” steps to make caramel in the end of this post. So, this is my own – weird – sweet popcorn recipe : I tried to make toffee at first, but failed, so I put some flour to the pan and stir it with the toffee mixture with low heat, and the result was not good, then I tried to mix my popcorn with honey, and still couldn’t get the right flavor. Desperate, finally I put some icing sugar to the popcorn and when I taste it, it’s yummy.

So, the steps to make homemade sweet popcorn are : pop the corn kernels as usual, put your popcorn into a bowl, then sprinkle some icing sugar to the popcorn, stir / shake the popcorn a bit, and the sweet popcorn is ready to serve !

Some tips to pop the corn kernels from me : don’t pour too much kernels into the pan, don’t make the kernels overlapping other kernels, because it can make the lowermost kernels burnt.

Caramel basically is just heated sugar, sometimes with butter and cream or milk, but mine is just sugar. How to make the smooth caramel ? Tip from me : don’t stir the sugar until the sugar is melt and become brownish, so the caramel won’t be bubbly.

The steps to make caramel : Pour the sugar into the pan, and turn the stove on with low heat and wait until the sugar melt and become brownish, then you can stir it, when you think the sugar is melted and brownish evenly, turn off the stove. You should really pay attention to the caramel, because it set really quick.

Tips to wash the pan from the leftover caramel : you can either soak the pan with water and dishwashing liquid or you can rub the pan with sponge (pour some water and dishwashing liquid to the sponge) be patient ! Because it will take pretty long time to clean all the stain, keep rubbing the stain until all of the stain is gone, that’s how I clean my pan from the caramel stain.

Hope this helps, have fun ! 😀



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