How to Make Dino Jello

This time I’m going straight to the point (again) because I should go to bed earlier tonight, so, here are some steps to make Dino Jello
(note : this is my own recipe)

What you need :

1. A pack of Jello powder or Konnyaku jelly powder

2. Sugar

3. Water

4. Saucepan

5. Wooden spoon

6. Spoon

7. Dino molds


The steps :

1. Fill a saucepan with water

2. Pour the Jello powder or Konnyaku jelly powder (Konnyaku jelly is more common in my country) into the water in saucepan

3. Turn the stove on with medium heat and stir it with wooden spoon

4. Put some sugar into the saucepan while stirring

5. Keep stirring until the jello is boiling, then turn the stove off

6. Pour the jello into the dino molds with table spoon or soup spoon (soup spoon will make it easier)

7. Put the dino molds in the fridge

8. Done !

*You can add some fruit slices into the jello while you are pouring the jello from the saucepan into the dino molds, or garnish it with fruits or condensed milk, it’s all up to you, be creative !

That is it, hope this helps. Have fun ! 😀


*Sorry I didn’t take pictures of every step because I forgot. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my blog post 😀



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