How to Load Files From Hidden Folder to Photoshop

I’m going to show you how to load files from hidden folder in your computer to Photoshop, but I’m going to show you how to load brush only, just for example. Let’s get started !

1. You should make the folders UNhidden first (you don’t say hahaha)
Here are the steps to make the folders unhidden (just click on the picture to see it larger) :

a. Click Start or the Windows button, then go to Control Panel

b. Click Appearance and Personalization







c. Click Folder Option







d. Click Show Hidden Files and Folders







e. Click the General tab, and make sure to tick the “Show all folders” in the Navigation pane column







f. Click the View tab, and make sure to choose the “Show hidden files, folders and drives”







g. Click OK


2. How to load the files (in this case it’s brush) :
*Note : make sure you already unzip or extract the files into the presets folder in the Photoshop

a. Open the Photoshop application

b. Create a layer (I prefer to create a text layer)

c. Activate the Brush tool and you will see the settings for the Brush in the Options palette







d. Click the triangle on the right side and the Brush palette will open

e. In the Brush palette click the triangle in the right upper corner and you will see a fall-out menu where you should select the item Load Brushes, then click the Load Brushes







f. You will see the Load Brushes dialog box, choose the brush preset you want from the list

g. The new Brushes will appear in the Brush palette


That’s it, hope this helps ! 😀






Reference of the how to load brush steps :


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