How to Make ChocoBall

Hello blogverse (BlogUniverse) ! Aah longtime no see. This time I’m going to show you how to make ChocoBall, I actually wanted to post this since long time ago, but I didn’t have the chance to, so I’m going to post it now. Let’s get started !

What you need :

1. Cookies or biscuits (with no filling such as Marie)
2. Condensed milk
3. Sprinkles
4. Confectioners sugar

1. Plastic bowl
2. Spoons
3. Clear plastic bag
4. Plate

The steps :

1. Crush the cookies or biscuits in the plastic bowl










2. Pour the condensed milk into the bowl of crushed biscuits, mix it up
3. Put small amount of the mixture onto a clear plastic bag, shape the mixture into a ball shape
4. Using 2 spoons, dip or roll the ball into the milk, then dip it into the sprinkles
5. Put it in the fridge
6. Done !




I think that’s the easiest recipe, you can make it with your friends or your children. You can decorate it with any kind of sprinkles, have fun with it ! 😀

I’ve tried to upload all the pics to show the steps, but I couldn’t, I don’t know why (not because of the internet connection I’m sure) WordPress really annoying lately, I constantly getting a message about how I can’t access my own blog, geez ! I don’t know why 😦


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