The Power of an Awesome PowerPoint

Good night ! bonne nuit ! buenas noches ! goedenacht ! tonight I’m going to tell you about the power of an awesome PowerPoint. One day my lecturer said to me that making an awesomely cute and interesting PowerPoint is silly AND wrong, she complained about the font (which is really clear and easy to read, she’s just exaggerating things), about the templates, and so on, gee, I just feel pity for her, because I think maybe she doesn’t have a beautiful childhood back then or she doesn’t have any imaginations I don’t know. Maybe some people think that you shouldn’t make an awesomely cute and interesting PowerPoint, just make the plain one, the ordinary one, I KNOW ! but I’m going to be a teacher, I’m majoring English Education. It will be okay to make plain PowerPoint or make the ordinary one, IF you are dealing with dead thing such as computer and not dealing with living things or what we call students, maybe you are an ordinary employee who works in an office and deals with computer all the time, and one time you should make a PowerPoint for a meeting or whatever, then you explain your PowerPoint to the colleagues or to the boss or to the manager, then it’s okay to make the ordinary-plain PowerPoint, don’t make the cute one or you’ll be fired, don’t show the artistic-creative side of yourself in that kind of situation. But I’m going to be a teacher ! I need something interesting to get my students’ attention, and make an awesomely cute and interesting PowerPoint is one of the many ways, if the students interested to my PowerPoint they will follow the class with enjoyment and excitement, then the next step is to explaining the material in interesting way, so they will feel welcomed and not afraid to ask if there are any of the material that they don’t understand. So what I mean with the power of an awesome PowerPoint is that as a prospective or future teacher, an awesome PowerPoint can help me to get the students’ attention and engage the students in the learning process. I know teaching is not only about using PowerPoint, but because my lecturer only complaining about my awesome PowerPoint and not about how I explain it, so I’m only discuss about the PowerPoint 😀


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