DIY : How to Make Studded Bracelet, Studded Ring and Tetris Necklace

After I posted a “DIY : How to Make Studded Cellphone Pouch” now I’m going to show you how to make studded bracelet, studded ring and tetris necklace, I’m sorry that I didn’t take the pictures of each step, but trust me, they are all easy to make, let’s get started !
(UPDATE ! addition info : because WordPress really gives me hard time these days, I can’t upload the pictures onto WordPress, so I decided to upload the pictures onto my Facebook, just click here if you want to see the pictures of this project)

Materials :
1. Flannel fabric or suede fabric or felt fabric or any other fabrics you want
2. A pair of scissors
3. Glue
4. A ruler
5. Fabric chalk
6. Pyramid studs or any other studs you desire
7. Thread or yarn
8. A needle
9. A small button
10. A ribbon

Directions :
(Studded Bracelet)
1. Measure the size of your wrist
2. Cut the fabric into a line shape
4. Sew a small button on the edge of the fabric
5. Make a small hole on the other edge of the fabric for the buttonhole
6. Put some studs on the fabric
7. Be fabulous !

(Studded Ring)
1. Measure the size of your finger
2. Cut the fabric into a small line shape
3. Put a stud on the center of the fabric
4. Glue the back of the ring
5. Be fabulous one more time !

(Tetris Necklace)
1. Cut the fabric into ribbon shape like in the picture (mine, I just use the leftover from the triangle top I made for my DIY : How to Make Studded Cellphone Pouch)
2. Cut the fabric in another colour into small pieces tetris shape
3. Glue all the small pieces onto the ribbon shaped fabric
4. Glue a long ribbon or a yarn on the back of the ribbon shaped fabric
5. Be fabulous all the time !

You can make the tetris shape in more than one colours, or you can put some studs on it, be creative !

liacraft c

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