Life Lesson of a Book

Hola blogverse ! How’s your day ? I hope everything is fine 😀

After thinking for a long time to decide which one to post on my blog first, I decide to post this one first.

First thing first (too many “first” words I know) let’s go back to the 1990’s, I will take you back to the time when I was about 5 or 7 years old, at that age, all kids love toys, they want the latest toy like adults want the latest gadget. And there was me, a little girl with inherited toys, most of my toys were “inheritance” from my older sister. I remember when my family went to my aunt’s house, there was a big cupboard full of toys, the toys which I myself wanted to have, and I couldn’t play with those toys if my cousin was around, he would not allow me to (because those toys were his).

Back to my house, almost all kids on the block have the latest toys, doesn’t mean I didn’t have the toys I want at all, I have a few of them. I remember when all of my friends had PlayStation, and when I asked my parents to buy one for me, my parents didn’t allow me to have one. Do you know what they always buy me since I was a little kid till now ? The answer is books, a lot of books, and no, they don’t force me to read books, they introduce books to me, my dad said that they even bought me books (well, my parents subscribe magazines for me since I was a little kid till I was in senior high school) since I can’t read yet, when I was about 3 years old. That’s the reason why I wear eyeglasses since I was in elementary school.

You know what ? I’m grateful, really really grateful with what my parents have done to me, they didn’t spoil me with toys, they spoil me with books instead, yes I hated it when I was a little kid, but now I thank God for that.

Since I was in school, I’m proudly say that I’m the one who knows uncommon-official-difficult words and terms among my friends, I know the latest news and the latest information aaaaand I feel great on that one 😀

And also, when other kids were having good times play outside, I should go to a lot of classes, my mom signed me up for a lot of courses, music course, English course, and many other courses that I can’t even remember. My mom is a teacher and she is a strict mom. But again I thank her for doing that for me, and again yes I hated it when I was a little kid, but now I thank God for that. They make me experience a lot of things, they don’t get angry at me when I’m not good at some courses, for instance, my mom signed me up in a violin course, and after years of practicing, I’m still not good at it and finally I stop practicing because I realize that is not my passion, but my mom doesn’t force me to be what she wants me to be, she lets me experience a lot of things, and she lets me choose the one that I’m passionate about.

What I’m trying to say here is that sometimes we don’t understand that the situation we face at certain time is the best for us, and will leads us to even better things, we just don’t realize it (yet).

I learn a lot of things from what my parents have done to me, from the way they raised me, not all of them is good, yet not all of them is bad, just take the good one and leave the bad one 😀



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