Mindset Installation

Hello blogverse ! It’s been a reaaaaally long time since the last time I posted something on my blog. How’s your day ? I hope everything is fine 😀

I’d like to say happy 2nd birthday to my blog https://chewbaccashufflin.wordpress.com/ (November 20th, 2011) wish you the very best of all wishes ! ❤ I hope this blog can spread fun, joy and positive things to you guys and I also hope I can be a better blogger so that I can post a lot of awesome blog posts for you guys awesome readers 😉 Thanks a lot for you guys for taking your time to visit my blog ❤

You can also visit another awesome blog post here  😉

Okay, now let’s off to topic. What is up with this mindset thing ? Let me start with this one, since I’ve been involved in an organization, it shows me that the mindset of someone determines someone’s ability in doing something. For instance : when I tell one division to do something and then they face a problem in doing the task, they will complain about it to me instead of finding the solution, they’re stuck inside the box in finding the solution. For some people they think they can’t do something even BEFORE they try it, not to say that you can experiment things, here is my formula in doing things : Find things that challenge you + install the right mindset + believe in yourself + think of the benefit you can get + put the best effort – the disadvantage you will get = self – development. Not to say that you’re not allowed to think of the disadvantage, of course we all will think about the advantage and the disadvantage, but don’t put the disadvantage in mind, just think about it, know it, but don’t stick it into your mind. For instance : when I got chosen to be the president of an organization, I think of what can I get for my self – development, what kind of impact I can give to people, I don’t really think about the disadvantage though, sure there are some disadvantages, like I can’t go hangout freely, less time to do my hobbies, less time to rest, have to deal with people I don’t like, and many other things, but why should I think about them if I know that the result will be worth the effort ?

I just realized that everything starts with mindset, and the rest will follow. If you think you can’t do something, you will not get the energy to do it, you will not be able to think about the advantage you can get, and you will end up not doing it. Or maybe you think of the advantage you can get but still think that you can’t do something ? Then your mindset is not yet installed properly, you have to believe in yourself that you can do it, believing in yourself is kind of mindset though, see ? everything is about our mindset. Never ever underestimate the power of mindset, our body is like a computer, our mindset is the software who runs the machine. We can change our feeling by installing the right mindset, and the most important is you can change yourself to be a better person because of mindset, like I said before mindset is the key, the trigger, but you can’t do things just because of mindset, if you’re successfully installed the right mindset, the rest will follow, like : you will put the best effort in doing something, problems will not make you give up, and many other things you need in doing something (something positive of course).

What I’m trying to say here is that if we can control and install the right mindset, it will help you to do things that can make you to  be a better person, you know, diamonds are made under pressure ; juice is made out of squeezed fruits. We are now are what we have done in the past, always ask this to yourself in doing things “Have you put enough effort to get the best ? Or to get what you want ?” Install the right mindset, believe in yourself, find the right experiences to shape you in the future, because we are now are what we have done in the past.





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