Little Piece of Peace

Hola blogverse !

I was teaching English to kindergarten students this morning, I showed a picture I made, it’s a symbol of peace, and I asked them whether or not they know what does peace mean, also I asked them what is peace, then I asked them to draw the symbol of peace like what I showed them. Once they’re finished drawing, I was surprised that they didn’t draw the symbol of peace like what I showed them, they instead, draw a love, when I asked them why they draw love as peace sign, they said that because according to them, peace means love.
I just lost my words really. They live in a simple world, and they think things simply.

I remember once I watched a video on Youtube that when we’re kids, we tend to think simple, when you want to climb a tree, you just do it without thinking any risks that could happen if things go wrong, while when we’re getting older, we tend to think much more about the risks that could happen instead of just doing it, and in the end we tend to not doing what we want to do because we think too much about the risks.

We tend to think that people surround us and or our surrounding doesn’t support us while in fact it’s actually you yourself who hold you back.

Thanks to my kindergarten students for showing me your little piece of peace ❤ 🙂









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