The Mega Questions that are Questioned

Hola Blogverse! It’s been a loooong time since the last time I posted something on my blog, I’ve been busy with my fans. Nah, I’m just doing my research paper, finishing my last semester of the bachelor-degree-university-life. Okay, let’s off to the topic.

First things first, we’re gonna find out the definition of rich, and according to Oxford dictionary, rich means having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy. While according to me, rich is simply me, how can I not rich? I got all it takes to be alive, I got my eyes to see, I got my legs, and arms, I got people who always be there in my ups and downs, I got the good air to breathe in, I got the internet connection I need to post things on my lovely blog. You tell me, how can I not be rich with all of those things I got? And yes, I said I got, instead of I have (I’ll just leave this here, because if I explain that one here, it will be a blog post in a blog post).

Pause there. I realized that some people may think that people like me who think deeply about things, are cheesy, soooo cheesy that we should’ve been on the top of a pizza. And fortunately, I don’t care about what people say, we all can say what we want to say (respectfully), just remember that whenever someone tells something about you, it’s not the reflection of yourself, it’s the reflection of how they see you.

Okay, let’s get back to our topic. Of course, those definitions of rich are not wrong, yet those are also not right. My point is, it’s all depends on you, which side you want to believe.

People always questioning about God, about the after-life, about the supernatural, about the things that (according to some people) are not explainable, are not scientific. Some say those unexplainable things are not exist, some even say those unscientific things are bullsh*t because of this and that reasons. They “worship” science, scientist, anything that can be explained. And again, those are not wrong, yet those are also not right. Have you ever question yourself, if what you believe, what you worship all of your life might be wrong? How can you know what you believe is right? Is there any insurance or anyone that can assure that? How can you know what the scientists explained are the right ones? How can you know that the proof of the theories of Big Bang is right? How can you know that the theories of psychology is correct? Who defines what is beautiful? Who defines what is rich? Who defines what is right? Who defines what is wrong? What are the measurements of that? How if what we think is right turns out wrong? How if what we think is wrong turns out right? How can you know what you believe is right? Is there any insurance or anyone that can assure that? How?

The books you read in the school, the articles you read on the newspaper, the blogs you read, the advertising you see, the movies you watch. Those are people’s interpretations on things. No matter how scientific or how explainable something is, those explanations are based on what the people (who invent it)’s interpretations, opinions, judgements, thoughts. No matter how many researches conducted to proof their theories, their theories are the conclusions of the result of their own research. And a conclusion is made based on someone’s interpretations on things.

Relax! you don’t have to get crazy to find the answers. Here’s the easy parable (the example): have you ever seen a dad throwing his child up in the air? And the question is, how can the child know that his dad is going to catch him after his dad throwing him up in the air? His dad can just walk away instead of catching him back. Then how can the child be assured that his dad is going to catch him back? (Psychologists may say thousand theories for that, but it’s not only about the theories of what makes the child is assured, but also about the possibilities that can happen to the child, it’s beyond scientific theories) I personally would say, it’s because of the trust, the faith that they both have. Now, how can I personally believe the things which to some people are not explainable, like God for instance, same goes with the dad and child I told you, it’s because of the faith that I have. Now, what’s the difference between hope and faith? Here’s the easy example: I have what it takes to have a job as a teacher (for example, okay), then I apply to one school, and I hope I’ll get accepted, but then no matter what the result will be, either I get accepted or not, I’ll still have the faith to be a teacher, and if I can’t make it in this school, I’ll try to apply in other schools. Based on those example, I personally would say that hope is something you expect, while faith is something you believe in. Hope is the power that goes out, while faith is the power that goes in.

And again, those are not wrong, yet those are also not right. It’s all depends on you, which side you want to believe. Don’t stop questioning, because there won’t be answers if there’s no questions. You want answers? Then question. Not only question the unexplainable ones, but also question the explainable ones. Not only question the unscientific ones, but also question the scientific ones.

Good luck! 🙂







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