What It’s Like Being an Extrovert. And Covered.

Hola Blogverse! It feels like 2015 was just started and now it’s November 2015 already! It’s been a while since the last time I posted things on my blog. Actually I have a lot of things going on in my mind to be written, but haven’t got the time to write it down, and now I got one, so here it is…

I’m thinking about a simple thing to be wrote about. As simple as myself. I consider myself as an extrovert, and as a hijabi (covered). I feel just as ordinary as other people are, in my bubble, in the country where I live in, in my comfort zone. But when I stepped out of it, when I step into countries where apparently covered girl’s still considered as something strange, dozens of new things started to happen to me.

As I said that in some countries, covered girl’s still considered as something strange, add that strangeness with extroversion, and poof! It makes you become a Nokia 3310 in the midst of 2010’s kids.

I’m kind of a person who likes to initiate conversation with anyone, either with people I know or with people I just met. It can be as simple as greeting, asking things. Not that I do that all the time, I can be quiet as well. And not that I talk to literally every person I met though, yet anytime I do initiate conversation, it will just flow naturally.

Apparently in some countries, people rarely see covered girl who does talk about anything to anyone, people thought being faithful can’t be fun. And these are several things that happened to me for being extrovert and covered girl…

  1. They would observe me. I might look like I didn’t pay attention about this, but I did. I mean, how couldn’t I? They would frickin stare at me from head to toe and back. They would like to know and be sure if I’m a real human or just a fantasy, or a dream, or a hologram.
  2. They would say: “I’ve never met anyone like you before, I mean… the covered girls I met usually don’t really socialize or interact you know…”
  3. They would test me with temptations to (again) know and be sure if I’m real muslim or not since I’m also an extrovert. It can be as simple as asking me questions like: “Why don’t you take off your hijab? Your parents are not here, I will not tell anyone *wink*”
  4. The “are you forced to wear that hijab” question.
  5. The “are you not drinking alcohol because you don’t want to or because your God tells you not to” question.
  6. The sex talk. Not that we’re talking about porn, but more about what do I think about it, and so on. They thought I would avoid that topic while I’m open to any topic. Literally anything, even about atheism. I do got lots of questions from other people about God though.
  7. Go back to number 1
  8. Go back to number 2 but now they are your best friends and they understand better about an extrovert and covered girl. And extroversion + covered are now not a strange combo anymore to them. And you are now love each other even more.

See? All we need is just understanding, because understanding make people love each other even more.

So, what it’s like being an extrovert and covered? Couldn’t be more amazing than this.

I enjoy every moment in my life, the good and the less good. I embrace all of my flaws and other people’s flaws. Because flaws are what make us unique, special, one of a kind.

That’s it for now, since here it’s 00:30 am now and I have lots of works to do in the morning. I hope you enjoy and learn something new in my blogposts. If you have things to say or ask, just leave it on the comment section, and I’ll do my best to respond. Till next time and see you soon! Ciao! ❤





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