When You Made Mistakes

Hola Blogverse! I feel so unexcited and tired lately, I don’t know why. I think I need to step back from my daily routine and do something to refresh myself. I spend so many time on my own thoughts. I can think about life even if I was just eating my meal, or even if I was just looking at a person. I think a lot. Maybe I need to give my mind a break. But then again, I have the need to express my thoughts through writing, that’s why I created this blog.

Some people choose to keep their thoughts to themselves, while for me, I need to let out my thoughts from my mind, not all of my thoughts, but lots of my thoughts. Some people may think that I’m stupid for easily expressing my thoughts, while I think people are stupid for keeping their thoughts to themselves.

You see, I considered myself as a positive person, and what I mean by positive is that I don’t let any negative thoughts affect me, or let me down. But there are times when I just can’t help but give permission to negativity to affect me, and it makes me feel stupid and guilty about myself. And now, I feel so stupid for making some mistakes, but then again, I know things happened as how they supposed to be. Sure, I made mistakes, I may feel stupid, but the mistakes I made are just how things supposed to happened. Maybe I had to do things that made people think how stupid I am, or maybe it’s just me having the feeling of others thinking that I’m stupid. I don’t care even if people do think I’m stupid, because I know there is no such a thing as stupid person. There is only such a thing as different way of thinking. I may think that writing down my thoughts help me to relieve, while other people may think that keeping their thoughts to themselves help them to relieve. I understand that people have different way of thinking, but unfortunately there are also lots of people who don’t understand that concept, and sometimes that affect me, I let myself feeling stupid.

I think I need that stupid feeling, I need that tired feeling, I need that unexcited feeling so that I can find other things to do to refresh myself, to recharge myself. People think I’m stupid? Go ahead. People think I’m a little bit stupid? Go ahead. People think I’m not stupid? Go ahead.

There are so many kinds of people in this world, good and bad. Each of them exist for a reason. We are all here to teach each other a life lesson. You see good people so that you know what is bad people. You see bad people so that you know what is good people. You feel happy so that you know what is sad. You feel sad so that you know what is happy. You made mistakes so that you know what is right and wrong. And so many other things happened to teach us a lesson. If you never make any mistakes it means that you’re not moving forward. If you never make any mistakes it means you never try. When other people laugh at you for making mistakes, or when other people think that you’re stupid for making mistakes, put in mind that you’re one step ahead, doesn’t necessarily one step ahead from those who’s laughing at you, but you’re one step ahead from your old self when you were before you made mistakes.

It takes courage to try. It takes even more courage to try, make mistakes, and learn. If you never try, if you never make any mistakes, you’ll never learn. If you never learn, you’ll never move forward.

It’s okay to feel stupid sometimes. Whenever you feel stupid, try to give yourself a break. Whenever you feel something is wrong with you, it’s your mind telling you to have a break for a while. Treat yourself. Do something that recharge you, as for me, it can be as simple as writing down my thoughts, along the way I write, I found the answers for my worries.

Don’t forget to treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy or expensive. It can be as simple as getting a good nap if you have been missing the chance to take a good nap for a long time. Your mind and your body also need to be treated well, need to be taken care. Don’t be too busy appreciating other people that you forget to appreciate yourself. Everything needs to be balance.

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