The Art of Letting Go

Hola Blogverse! It’s been few months since the last time I posted something on my blog. I just got graduated about one week ago, yeay! Finally I’m officially unemployed! I’m now preparing for my master degree, wish me luck!

On this post I want to share about the art of letting go. I learned it the hard way, it’s when I lost my dad, and then I learned it again when things didn’t happen the way I wanted it to be.

We all think we know what’s best for us, but actually we don’t. For example is when my Dad all of a sudden in a state of comma for few days because of heart attack. I wasn’t there by the time he’s dying because I was abroad at that time. At first, of course my instinct was I prayed to God to save him, and by saving him, I mean to keep my Dad alive, at least until I can see him for the last time. But then I realized, I don’t want my Dad to suffer, I don’t want him to stay alive but he’s suffering. Then, I prayed to God to give all the best for my Dad, because I realized that I don’t know what is the best for him. A couple days after I prayed that way, I got news that my Dad is passed away. And I wasn’t there to see him for the last time. At that time, I know that God answered my prayer. This is the best. The best for everyone. For my Dad, for me, for my Mom, for my sister. God knows that me, my Mom, and my sister can go through this even though it’s super difficult, God knows that we are strong women, even when we don’t realize that actually God gave us the strength to get this through.

Another experience is that when I’m attracted to one guy, I prayed to God to unite us. I keep on praying and praying, but the more I mention his name in my prayer, the more God showed me that this guy is not good for me. It’s hard when you think what is the best for you turns out it’s not. And since then, I never mention any guy names in my prayer anymore, I just asked God to give me what is best for me, because God see what I can’t see, God knows what I don’t know.

Letting go is never easy, but it is possible. It teaches you about patience, humility, surrender, submission, and also persistence. Patience and surrender don’t mean you just sit there waiting for things to come to you. No. You keep on trying, doing your best, yet you are open to any results, either you will get it or not. Letting go also teaches you about humility. In the era when ambition and arrogance seen as the factors to reach success, when everyone only thinks about their ego, mastering the art of letting go is surprisingly relieving and soothing. It will slowly ease your ego, your ambition, and your arrogance. People often said, if you want it, go get it. I agree, but then people stress out if the result doesn’t match their expectation, that is when they have no idea about letting go. Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t try. You try, but then you are open to any results. You don’t stress out when the result doesn’t match your expectation. It gives you strength to go back up and try again. It makes you realized that the things you’re failed at, are not the best for you, are not meant to be, that better things are waiting for you ahead. You just need to keep on trying.

By learning how to let go, you’re also learning about moving on. To live is to move on. That’s why it’s a journey, because it takes you from one place to another place, from one person to another person, from one event to another event, from the past to the present, from the worst to the best, from one experience to another experience, from where you don’t belong to where you belong, from one level to another level. Either you level up or level down. It depends on you. Depends on how much strength you’re willing to give to let go. To move on. To live.

The strongest person is not the one who can get everything he/she wants, but rather, it’s the one who can let go of things that he/she once thought were the best for him/her, and the one who have the courage to go back up to keep on trying.





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