about me

Agradável means grateful in Portuguese (no, I’m not a Portuguese, I’m an Indonesian). Why grateful? Because I think when we’re grateful for what happened in our life, we’ll be able to appreciate life, no matter how good or bad, how big or small things that happened in our life. Grateful doesn’t mean giving up on things, grateful to me is when we’ve tried our best and be thankful for whatever the result will be, because there is always lesson behind everything that happened in our life. We do the best, God the rest.

I hope you can find who I am (and maybe find yourself too!) through my blog posts.

Come on in! 🙂



7 thoughts on “about me

  1. Faizul Islam says:

    Probably the first to comment on your blog! 😀

  2. Dear mb… masih adkh starter symphoni nya?

    • Hai mba, saya ga jual peralatan merajut mba, hanya me-review peralatan dan benang-benang yang saya pakai untuk merajutnya saja, tapi memang ada kemungkinan akan saya jual sih mba, tapi belum tau kapan 🙂

  3. Christy says:

    Halo mba, sy mau menawarkan benang rajut 100% wool kalo tertarik. maaf numpang spam ya. dulu saya beli kebanyakan banget soalnya. merk nya ice superbulky, warna nya broken white. klo tertarik boleh lgs hubungi saya line: tychrisagustin. trims mba dan maaf klo sy spam

  4. Zarmes says:

    Mau tanya dong. Toko hobbycraft dan craftstudio apakah sama saja. Trus craftstudio dan hobbycraft apakah punya cabang lain di daerah jakarta?

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